How well do you know NF’s music???

Nathan John Feuerstein ( known by his initials NF) is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born on March 30, 1991 in Michigan, writes about his past and present trauma and how his childhood has effected his life.

Are you a true NF hardcore fan? If you said “ yes” take this quiz to find out how much of a fan you are! Some of these questions will be difficult and most rely on your memorization of the songs. Looking the answers up is a really dumb way to get an answer, so please avoid it.

Created by: Bubonic Plague
  1. Finnish the lyrics! Take it from me, I am nothing but a hypocrite-
  2. Finnish the lyrics And I don’t have to be afraid of my thoughts-
  3. Finnish the lyrics I heard you told your friends, that I’m just not your type
  4. Finnish the lyrics You put me inside a room full of rappers, come back in 5 minutes-
  5. Name this song! First few words: I’m a boss with it authentic, all y’all frauds better, quit with the trash tick before you get tossed in it Last few words: Quit takin my patience, quit fakin, y’all hatin, it’s crazy! I mean you know what my name is, it’s rhyme slayer, stop Nathan woo
  6. Finnish the lyrics! Way before you got involved you knew that ship was sinking-
  7. What is this song? First few words: Yeah I got off stage like a month ago, I was talking to fans Last few words: This is real for me, this is therapy for me
  8. What song is this? First few words: What is perfect not me I’ve been overworking for weeks I go home and purchase some things that I know will not feel my needs Last few words: I cross my I’s and dot my t’s it makes no sense but I’ve learned, normal to you is not to me the outcast finally _______
  9. What’s the song? First few words: You put your hand into mine, and baby we flew Last few words: There’s no way I’m leaving, baby believe it. Yeah, yeah
  10. What’s the song? First few words: Focus on it every single day I wanna figure out a way to get ahead of what I think I know is coming Random other phrase from the song: And when the music with the visuals, I got a vendetta for any part of me that that make it hard to get set up

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Quiz topic: How well do I know NF’s music???