How well do you know New York?

Only a few people know about New York, but how much do you really know, I mean REALLY know about it. Do you know about largest city in the world, about other places, then, STAY TUNED.

Do you have what it takes to know about New York, then, put it to the test, and show me what you really know. Are you a genius about New York? Are you so so? Then take the quiz and show me what you got!

Created by: Brigid
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  1. What is the state captial of New York?
  2. What is the state fruit?
  3. How many finger lakes are there?
  4. What's the first thing immigrants see when they arrive in New York?
  5. Which famous movie was shot in Nyc?
  6. What's the state flower?
  7. State bird?
  8. Largest city?
  9. What famous singer came New York? ( hint : she wears outrogous outfits!)
  10. Finally, do you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know New York?