How well do you know New York?

These are some really tough questions. Test your knowledge on New York! I bet that you will learn something new while your taking this quiz. Hope you enjoy it!

Well, I think that you'll do pretty well, even if they are some really tough questions. I think you'll be great. Let's see how much you know about New York.

Created by: TrainWreck
  1. The first chess match in America was held in New York- but when?
  2. How many plots are in the Hartsdale Pet Cemetary?
  3. How big is the Onieda lake?
  4. What first club was established in 1876?
  5. New York was the first to add what to their cars?
  6. What new language was the first to be published in a newspaper in New York?
  7. How many miles of New York City belongs to subway tracks?
  8. Which music and arts fair named after a "Peanut's Gang" character is actually held in Bethel?
  9. How high is the Taughannock?
  10. How many species of Orchid does New York house?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know New York?