How well do you know Nerf?

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It's Nerf or Nothin'. This quiz is all about those lovable and colourful foam dart blasters that everyone has a great time with, that in reality are really violent weapons in disguise.

This is a trivia quiz and don't expect the questions to be easy as this is meant for real Nerf fans who know more than just how to fire a blaster or know the names of a couple.

Created by: Nitrofuel765
  1. What was Nerf's first ever toy?
  2. What year was Nerf's first ever toy released?
  3. What was Nerf's first ever blaster called?
  4. Which company has Nerf never worked with(out of the options below)?
  5. Which company has Nerf never sued for copyright (out of the options below)?
  6. The creator of Nerf also made another successful toy brand. What brand was it?
  7. What type of brand is Nerf officially?
  8. How many Nerf weopons(any form,any time) are there in total?
  9. Why are modified Nerf guns illegal in some countries?
  10. What is the most popular Nerf blaster of all time?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Nerf?