Which transformers (Robots in disguise) character are you

SO you are wondering Which Transformers robots in disguise character are you but first you need to check out the other transformers tests hope you have fun : D

So you can get Fix it ,Strong arm, Sideswipe,Drift,Grimlock or bumblebee but i recommend that if you didn't watch robots in disguise you should watch it on Netflix Enjoy the test.

Created by: Tabish
  1. What are you in your group
  2. What do you do if your friends are captured
  3. What is your favorite Transformers show
  4. Whats your favorite color
  5. What would you turn into
  6. Who is your role-model or mentor
  7. Whats your favorite transformers show
  9. Whats the thing you regret
  10. Did you like the test

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Quiz topic: Which transformers (Robots in disguise) character am I