How well do you know Naruto Shippuden

Could you beat the lst person who took the test? Could you be the next Genin Ninja to complete this EPIC test? Only one will get it to 100% the qukiest.... AND THAT MIGHT BE YOU!

Are YOU ninja enough to take this right here test? Can YOU master all the Q's right? Will YOU get 100% on this test? No one will never know untill YOU test this TEST!!

Created by: akatsuki_Tobi

  1. What is Naruto's first rank mission?
  2. Who does Naruto fight first out of Naruto Sippuden?
  3. What is the speical jutsu that Naruto can't do anymore?
  4. What does Naruto always crave to eat?
  5. Gaara almost died beacuse of this clan: _______
  6. The Akatsuki have what pattern on the jackets?
  7. Who is the main Akatsuki?
  8. Who kill's Itachi?
  9. Can Zetsu Ever Die?
  10. What jutsu does sai always do?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Naruto Shippuden