How Well do You Know Narnia? (the books)

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There is really a large population of Narnia lovers out there, but I know (as one myself) that we feel alone sometimes as our fandom gets dwarfed by Harry Potter and others.

Here is a quiz made by a true Narnia lover who has grown up with the books and would very much like to go meet the Pevensies, Mr. Tumnus, and of course Aslan. But then again, we've already met him haven't we? ;) Don't look up the answers! If you do, your status as Narnia Expert is hereby revoked.

Created by: rhouser
  1. Let's start out super easy: What are the names of the Pevensies?
  2. Now for another easy one: The main "goody guy" in the series is _______ and the main "bad guy" is ________.
  3. Which is not one of the seven lost Lords?
  4. What is the final name of the island with a pool that turns things to gold?
  5. What did Eustace turn into for a little while?
  6. Which is not one of the four signs Jill had to remember?
  7. Which is not a place in Narnia?
  8. Which gift did Edmund receive from Father Christmas?
  9. Which gift did Lucy receive from Father Christmas?
  10. How is Aravis' horse's name spelled?
  11. What awoke Jadis from her enchanted sleep?
  12. Here's another easy one: In what order did the Pevensies discover Narnia?
  13. What was the Silver Chair used for?
  14. Pick the correct order of "good dwarf" then "bad dwarf".
  15. Choose the correct use for the two rings:
  16. Another easy one: What is Caspian's ship called?
  17. What relation is Eustace to the Pevensies?
  18. What exists "where the sky and water meet, where the waves grow ever sweet?"
  19. What is Lucy's biggest fear in the Dark Island? (This proceeds to attack the ship)
  20. Shasta turns out to be who by the end of the book?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Narnia? (the books)