How well do you know my boy friend Tycan

So do you think you know my boyfriend. Probly not because you have never met him. Well take this quiz and find out if you know him or not cause if you don't idk

Does he love me I can't tell you the answer so ya just take the quiz and comment when your done just don't sa anything mean it is mean to say something mean lol hope you like ot

Created by: Goldlilly

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  1. Tycan looks like...
  2. If Tycan saw a little kid being bullied he would
  3. What is his favorite cOlor
  4. Is he forgiving
  5. Is he a good fighter
  6. Does he love me
  7. So are you bored dose not count as part of result
  8. What creature is he
  9. Do you think you know hom doesn't count as part if a result
  10. Last question

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my boy friend Tycan