how well do you know mr robeck a and le scarb

I have had two teachers that changed my life interestingly. i was hoping you'd take my quiz so you can learn more about me!have fun trying to get it right!

Do you know these teachers?? i hope soho!! but if you arent sure u should take this quiz and i really do not know what else to write but im really hoping that you take this quiz and learn about mr. robeck

Created by: lina
  1. who is le scarb?
  2. who is mr. robeck?
  3. wat does mister robeck do in his spare time?
  4. wat does le scarb do in his free time?
  5. why am i making this quiz?
  6. wat do we do in block?
  7. wat did mr.robeck say to me last week?
  8. le scarb
  9. mr. robeck
  10. if i had a party and invited le scarb the correct reaction is...
  11. did u like my quiz??

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Quiz topic: How well do I know mr robeck a and le scarb