How well do you know Monster High ?

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'Be Yourself Be unique Be , a Monster !' You may have heard this phrase before . This is the rule I think everyone in this universe should follow . This comes from Monster High .

Do YOU know what Monster high is ? If you think you do , go for this quiz . This may have more that one answer , so be careful ! Have fun , leave a comment(PLEASE , PLEASE , PLEASE , BE NICE AND PLEASE DO NOT CURE !)

Created by: Monsterhighluv
  1. In Monster high , you can :
  2. Who is the one who will be queen someday ?
  3. Which couples are forbidden ?
  4. When Cleo though Duece was cheating on her with Operetta , What was actually happening ?
  5. Does Torilie Stripe always get away with evilness without revenge from the victim ?
  6. Has Mattel(creator of Monster High)stop making Monster High episodes ?
  7. Who is Venus Mcflytrap ?
  8. Are all the characters friendly with each other ?
  9. Who seems to be the main character ?
  10. Do YOU think you know Monster High well ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Monster High ?