How Well Do You Know MLP?

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Hi guys my name is CelestiaRulezzzz and I am a mythical creature quiz maker.I really like making unicorn quizzes.Unicorns are very beautiful.This is a My Little Pony quiz!

Also this quiz is very fun.I really like it.There are hard ones in the guessing character one.If you are a fan,it's not hard for ya.Make sure to enjoy the quiz!

Created by: CelestiaRulezzzz

  1. Firstly,guess what princess is this.I have a student called Starlight Glimmer.I was not always an alicorn.I have 5 friends.
  2. Guess who's this.I am a Pegasus.I am one of Twilight's friend.I am the fastest pegasus.
  3. Guess which mare is this.I am a changeling.I can trick people by changing into ponies.I am a queen
  4. Is this Queen Galaxia or King Cosmos.I am a alicorn that did not show up in MLP.I am Princess Celestia's and Luna's mother.Before Celestia and Luna was in Equestria,I can control the sun.
  5. Guess who is this.I am the dark side of Pinkie Pie.I turn into this if my friends does not want to go to my party.
  6. Guess which princess is this.I am the ruler of the Crystal Empire.I used to be Twilight Sparkle's babysitter.I am a crystal pony.
  7. A bit harder.I am one of Twilight's old friend.Just that hehehehe hard and I can be bored or angry.
  8. Guess which creature is this.I am a half dragon and a half lion.Fluttershy saved me by pulling the thorn out of my paw.I appeared on the first episode.
  9. Who is this?I am a moon princess.I have a sister called Princess Celestia.More ponies like her day than my night so I am jealous of her.I turned into Nightmare Moon.
  10. Ok,you finished guessing the characters so you are now in stage two.You are now going to describe the ponies.Ok,say yes!
  11. Describe Princess Luna.
  12. Describe Princess Celestia
  13. Describe Princess Cadance
  14. Describe Princess Twilight…
  15. Describe Rarity.
  16. Describe Rainbow Dash
  17. Describe Fluttershy
  18. Describe PINKIE PIE!
  19. Last one..describe APPLEJACK!
  20. CELESTIA!!!
  21. Bye bye

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know MLP?