A lion's pride part 1

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intro: this is a story about a lion's pride and nature. you are a young lion cub who will be king/queen of the pride one day. and its a story you create

you're a young lion cub with a light cream coat and a little brown mane. your mother is white and your father is dark brown with a black mane. you have two brothers Saru and Taully and a best friend called Uru.

Created by: Lillian

  1. you wake up alone in a den. then you hear birds and the sound of other lions so you go outside.'hello Leo' a little cub sais and you reply...
  2. then a big lioness comes over and tells you that your mother went hunting.'wanna play?' asked the other cub you say...
  3. after you play for a bit your mother comes home. you run over to her but she walks over to the two other lionesses who looked after you and they talk.
  4. then a big male lion comes over to you and pushes you away from the meal. then your older brothers Saru and Taully stand next to the big lion and eat you say..
  5. whatever you said your mother calls to you and you ask her why he can't eat the food. 'you're too young you have to drink my milk' then you lie down and suckle while your father and brothers eat.after you drink you rest and your mother and the rest of the pride eats the zebra. you dream of..
  6. when you wake up your pride is gone but your brother is staying with you.
  7. Taully takes you down to a waterhole and you see your pride you decide to find...
  8. whatever you said you find Uru and play with her for a bit before Zemba her mother And Sarabi your mother call the pride and you follow your father home.
  9. at home, you go to you follow your mother into the den, she lies down and closes her eyes. 'Mummy?' you prod her belly and she looks at you.
  10. whatever you said she doesn't reply. 'Are you mad?' you ask 'No it's not your fault for anything. ' your mother sighs and you sleep behind her and listen to her heartbeat.later your father calls the pride you follow your mother outside and she wraps her tail around you. you...
  11. your father announces that the hyenas are starting a war and they will invade in a few months.
  12. CLIFF HANGER!!!! sorry but by hope you liked part 1

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