How well do you know Minecraft 2

There are tgalented people in Minecraft, and not. There are talented people in games, and not. A pro is someone who is talented in a game and lives for it. Are you one?

Find out with this quiz! This quiz will help you test out if you know many thing about Minecraft! And do not worry if you don't know much! You'll learn! Note that to complete this quiz it's best to have completed the prequel which can be found here: [no urls] and is much easier.

Created by: Matehb
  1. When a Creeper dies, what's its drops?
  2. In which version was Minecraft on 24/4/14?
  3. What do you need to brew a Splash Potion of Regeneration 2?
  4. What was the End supposed to be?
  5. Where can the connection bettween the End and the "Above Answer" be seen?
  6. How could you teleport to the "Answer 6 here" which's place took the End?
  7. How was a Creeper created?
  8. If the above answer is "On Purpose" then what gave Notch the idea?
  9. Finally on the Creepers, when were they released?
  10. When was the redstone repeater released and was it before the comparator?
  11. If the repeater was before the comparator, when did the redstone comparator get released?
  12. What was the first major update of Minecraft?
  13. What was the latest major update of Minecraft iin April 24th 2014?
  14. What was the most important creative improvement in 1.1?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Minecraft 2