How Well Do You Know Melanie Martinez Songs! @w@

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This Is A Quiz To Test Your Knowledge Of Melanie Martinez Song Lyrics. {This Is My First Quiz Don't Kill me okay!!!!} You will also be tested on your knowledge of her in general.

**Please don't take my insults seriously this is just for fun, so if you're going to get triggered go away!!!!!!** Just kidding but I grade Harshly!!!!!!

Created by: Hecate

  1. What Song Goes: "Don't Let Them See What Goes Down In The Kitchen"?
  2. What song goes "He's still dead when your done with the bottle"?
  3. How Many Albums Does She Have? {At the time of making this}
  4. Which Song Goes: "You've Gone This Far You Are The Winner"?
  5. Which One Goes "They see my pictures they say "Goals" ,B***h I'm Who they Tryna be"
  6. Was She Ever On The Voice?
  7. What Is Her Fanbase Called?
  8. Does She Have A Tattoo On Her Thigh?
  9. Did She Have blond hair at one point?
  10. Which song goes "Your hearts too big for your body, that's why it won't fit inside"
  11. Was one of her songs on Cupcakke Remixes?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Melanie Martinez Songs! @w@