How Well Do You Know Melanie Martinez' Songs

Do you know Melanie Martnez as much as you think you do? Are you a true crybaby? Well you've come to the right place! Here you will be tested on any things.

Even on her unreleased songs. If you're new to the fandom, then try your best! Have fun! Btw my instagram is miss.carouselbaby so go and check my fanpage out!

Created by: miss.carouselbaby

  1. Hey and welcome! Let's start off with guess the song. I will show you lyrics and you have to guess the song. 'Oh come take my hand and run through playland'
  2. 'Rolling down your tinted window, driving next to me real slow'
  3. 'I'm tired of being careful, tiptoe, trying to keep the water warm'
  4. 'Someone told me stay away from things that aren't yours, but was he yours if he wanted me so bad'
  5. 'I look at you and I see myself,cause I know you better than anybody else'
  6. Right. Now we're going to do finish the lyric. I will leave a blank space and you have to fill in the word 'I'm not a little kid now,__________
  7. 'Oh Mrs Potato Head tell me,_______?'
  8. 'Pill diet, pill diet, if they give you a new pill then you will buy it,_____________'
  9. 'I love everything you do,____________'
  10. 'I'm not a piece of cake,_______'
  11. What hairstyle does Mel have in Tag You're It?
  12. Who is Johnny?
  13. What happens in Milk And Cookies?
  14. Now these questions are for TRUE crybabies, who have heard Mel's unreleased songs. What is Birthing Addicts about?
  15. Who are the 'Dear Porcupines'?
  16. What is Mel's full name?
  17. What does Melanie HATE being called?
  18. What are Melanie's Fans called?
  19. What inspired her to have half dyed hair?
  20. Last but not least, do you love her?

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