How well do you know Megamind?

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The movie Megamind! Have you seen it? Do you know it? Exactly how well do you know it? Do you know the tiny details as well as the general plot? This quiz will tell you!

So, go ahead now, take the quiz, and have some fun!! Go test your Megamind knowledge! Are you a super-genius of Megamind? It is time to find out...!

Created by: tenten16
  1. How old was Megamind when he left his parents?
  2. Fill in the blank: "I went for something a little more humble. Megamind! Incredibly handsome, criminal genius and _________."
  3. Who sent something to Megamind in jail, and what was it?
  4. What did Megamind call Metro Man?
  5. What/who did Hal have a picture of on his wall?
  6. What color is Megamind's skin?
  7. When we first see Hal, what did his shirt say?
  8. Complete the quote: "Oh! I'm shaking in my ____________." Who said it?
  9. After making the DNA bullet, who does Megamind accidentally shoot?
  10. Uh-oh! Minion is out of spray! What does he use instead?
  11. Who does Megamind "transform" into to impress Roxie?
  12. When does Roxie find out that the person she liked was really Megamind in disguise?
  13. Complete the quote: "No one said this hero thing had to be a lifetime gig. You can't just quit, either. That's when I got the brilliant idea... ______."
  14. Megamind said after leaving Metro Man "I'm going home." Where did he go?
  15. Who found Megamind's invisible car, and when?
  16. What did Megamind say was the difference between being a villain and a supervillain?
  17. What was Megamind obsessed with nearly the entire movie?
  18. After a few credits, what are the last two characters shown?

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