how well do you know me? (updated)

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Created by: shattered dreams

  1. hey guys! so for those of you who don't know, this is Cinnamon_Roll. i'm just making this my new main account. you ready to get started?
  2. what's my gender?
  3. what are my three favorite colors in order?
  4. who's my favorite music artist/band?
  5. what's my favorite animal?
  6. what's my favorite song?(note: these are all some of my favorite songs, but only one of them is my current favorite)
  7. which song lyric do you think speaks to me the most?
  8. what were the nicknames i gave the cats that i last fostered?
  9. what did i change my name to irl?
  10. what's my dead name?
  11. do i like bread?
  12. what's my favorite food?
  13. who's my favorite marvel character?
  14. am i mentally stable?
  15. what's my aesthetic?
  16. ok, that's the end of my quiz! let's see how you did~

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me? (updated)