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Hi! I am an Olivia Rodrigo fan most likely similar to you!!!I made this quiz to help people find out how big of a fan they are! Hope you enjoy my quiz!

Here is some motivation to get you through the rest of your day! The person reading this kind, beautiful and more loved ten they will ever know. They are surrounded by people and things that they love and who love them. 💗💕💓💖💞💝

Created by: Madeline

  1. In Brutal Olivia says at the beginning that she wants it to be…
  2. In Traitor how long did Olivia say it took him to date his new girl?
  3. In drivers license Olivia claims to still see his face in the…
  4. In 1 step forward and 3 steps back Olivia compares their relationship to a….
  5. In deja vu where does Olivia say they went on car rides to?
  6. In Good 4 u Olivia compared his apathy to…
  7. In Enough for you Olivia said she did what so the he would think he was smart?
  8. In happier Olivia said that when he called his new girl beautiful it was…
  9. In jealousy jealousy what does Olivia say is killing her slowly?
  10. In Favorite Crime Olivia says how many hands are bloody?
  11. In Hope ur Ok Olivia says that her ___ friend grew up alone.
  12. Bonus Trivia Question!!! What is Olivia’s character In HSMTMTS’s last name?

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