How well do you know me?

Well I am extremely bored at the moment and thought this would be fun. Then I started it and had no good ideas for questions. So I'm sorry if it is a super boring quiz.

But good luck! Soon you will find out how good of friends we are. Or maybe we are not friends at all, but somehow you are good at guessing. Either way....good luck!!

Created by: Casie of Casie...Miah
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  1. What is my birthday?
  2. Which state has never been my home?
  3. I once had a dog named...
  4. Approximately how long have I been married?
  5. What was my major at BYU?
  6. What is my favorite type of food?
  7. What am I deathly afraid of?
  8. What am I a little bit afraid of?
  9. What is my favorite sport?
  10. How many surgeries have I had?
  11. What year did I graduate high school?
  12. How many times have I dyed my hair?
  13. Where is Miah interviewing this week?
  14. How tall am I?
  15. How tall is Miah?
  16. What is my favorite band?
  17. Which is NOT one of my favorite movies?
  18. I wear the same size of shoe as...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?