How well do you know me?

if you thikn you know me, answer these simple easy questions! some are weird but thats just me. :)) keepin it realz! thats just how i do... ugh wel...

Gosh darn space filler! annoying as heck but W/E. sooo... ummmmm well i'm easily frusterated thats a new question fo my next quiz xDDDD. theres no gubberish alowed. :P

Created by: swimmer1414

  1. Whats my real name?
  2. how old am i?
  3. who do i like on GTQ as of right now?
  4. whats my favorite color?
  5. where would i rather be?
  6. whats my favorite animal?
  7. i like to,
  8. do i like animals?
  9. what color is me hair? (don't trust my pic thats old.)
  10. are you my friend?
  11. thanks for taking my quiz!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?