How Well Do You Know Me?

Do you think you know me well? Think you remember those books I was droning on about? What's my sign? Where do my relatives live? How many of my nicknames do you know? What did I say the last time you sneezed? What are my hobbies? Middle name? Dream job?

If you can answer these questions and more, you might score as an aquaintance, friend, good friend, or even Ana! Dare to find out in only twenty questions!

Created by: Mj

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  1. Which of the following is NOT one of my nicknames?
  2. Which book did I NOT enjoy?
  3. In which state do I NOT have any relatives living?
  4. Where does my family most frequently vacation? (Hint: Give the most specific answer possible for the most points.)
  5. True/False: My grandmother taught me to read.
  6. When someone sneezes, I am most likely to say:
  7. How many e-mail addresses do I have?
  8. True/False: I have never failed a class for any reason.
  9. What "sign" am I?
  10. What is my dream job? (As of January '07--I may change my mind later.)
  11. What ailment have I NEVER suffered from?
  12. Which book made me first decide on my preferred profession?
  13. Which of the following is NOT one of my hobbies?
  14. How old was I on my Golden Birthday?
  15. What is the name of the poodle my family currently owns?
  16. True/False: My middle name is Agatha.
  17. Pick out the TRUE statement.
  18. Which song do I DISLIKE?

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