how well do you know me?

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How much do you know about me? Can you ace this quiz and get labeled as my stalker? Idk but I kinda hope you don't! Hehehe have fun.... hope you like this quiz! Comment or at least rate!

This quiz will ask a series of questions about me that are mainly yes or no. If you are my friend you will probably get a high score if not, oh well!

Created by: wolf_heart

  1. Hmm what is my age?
  2. Am I a hippy?
  3. Do I like wolves?
  4. Am I a total weirdo? (:D)
  5. Where was my 3DS charger when I lost it?
  6. What pet do I have?
  7. Do I like anime?
  8. Have I ever kissed anyone?
  9. Do I like to say the word 'frudge'
  10. Do I have a temper?
  11. What are my two favorite colors?
  12. Do I have a boyfriend?
  13. Do I like grits?
  14. L8r g8r

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?