How Well Do You Know Me?

Do you think you know about me? Well, here's a novel way to find out! Let's put some random questions together and see if you get the answers right (I don't expect many people to- there's a challenge for you!)

Anyway, I'll let you get started, there's either 10/12 questions (I can't even remember now so it must be hard!). Give my quiz a go peeps, and let's know how well you all really know me!

Created by: Steph
  1. What subject did I get a D in at GCSE?
  2. Which of these am I not 'part'?
  3. How long will I have been going out with Jason in January?
  4. Which of these superheroes do I have a crush on?
  5. Which of these have I done?
  6. Which of these would I like to do when I grow up?
  7. Who are 'The Fab Four' in my life?
  8. What was the last stage show I went to see?
  9. What type of films do I like best?
  10. How many times have I been to America?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me?