How Well Do You KNow Me???

There are many people out there who think they know me....Problem is..... their wrong. I'm not an open book...what you see isnt always what you get!!!

Think You Know Me??? Well think again! Take this quiz to see how well you really do know me. And remember things arent always what they appear to be...

Created by: Tracy Janet Gutierrez

  1. When is my birthday??
  2. What is my favorite color??
  3. What is my "lucky" number??
  4. What sport do I LOVE and cant live without??
  5. What is my favorite soda??
  6. What is my fav. past time?
  7. Where do I want to go visit one day??
  8. Who is my Fav. Band??
  9. Who do I think is the HOTTEST from this list of guys??
  10. Who is the Best Football team EVER???

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Quiz topic: How Well do I KNow Me???