How well do you Know McFLY?

Will you be the ultamte McFLY fan? or will you just be a wannabe McFLY fan? You'll never know untill you do the How Well Do You Know McFly quiz. You will be known as a true McFLY fan if you get 70 or more, but if you get less you should be ashamed.

This is the hard coreset McFLY quiz, will you be part of it? You won't be able to call yourself the ultimate McFLY fan if you don't take part. It only takes a second to find out how big a fan you are.

Created by: Spec

  1. What is the name of McFLY's first song?
  2. When was their first song released
  3. Whos girlfriend is in Escala?
  4. How many albums have McFLY made?
  5. How many of them have been released in the UK?
  6. Where did they go to make their latest album, Radio:ACTIVE?
  7. In the film just my luck they worked with Lindsay Lohan and.....
  8. Were did Danny grow up?
  9. How many sisters does Harry have?
  10. When is Dougies Birthday?

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Quiz topic: How well do I Know McFLY?