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  • number 17 is wrong!!! wrong, wrong, A MILLION TIMES WRONG! evreyone knows princess peach's name was princess toadstool before. Pauline was the first girl that ever appered in Mario games. even i kno more Mario stuff than u! And Mario does play hockey. soccer never appered in any mario games. hockey appered in 2 mario games! mario party 5 and mario and sonic at the olympic games! ( This is way after u made this quiz so ya...)

  • There weren't 8 Mario Party games by 2009. There were 10. Have you forgotten about Mario Party Advance? And Mario Party DS?

  • what about mario strikers in 07', super nerd. that game was all about soccer. why don't u crack open ur retarded geek monthly and get a refresher. and peach's original name was paula, not puline and not princess toadstool. she was called princess toadstool in 85' when the mario bros. for the NES was made, 3 years after the donkey kong arcade came out, and she was named paula in donkey kong not "sweet pauline". and if this comment offends u, why don't u go get out of ur parents basement and get a life.

    skelleton jack
  • i hate you. peach name before was princess toadstool not sweet pauline. and mario did play hockey in donkey kong hockey. and mario was in mario party in 1999 not 1998 say japan or north america or anything.

  • actually Mario DOES play hockey at MARIO PARTY 5 on a game!


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