How well do you know Lord of the Rings?

Lord of the Rings..What do you think when you hear the words? Do you think a Ring, a Wraith, or an Orc? I have made this quiz to help you decipher that.

Are you ready to see how well you know LOTR? If you know it well enough the good for you! If not, I suggest watching the movies or reading the books!!

Created by: Amberpelt
  1. What is the Main hobbit's name?
  2. Who is Frodo's gardener?
  3. Who is Sam in love with?
  4. (now harder questions) What is the first line of Pippin's song in the third movie?
  5. What is the bar/pub that Merry and Pippin sing about in the 3rd movie?
  6. Who is the enemy?
  7. What is the thing that attacks Frodo in Moria?
  8. Now that they have appeared multiple times, What is an Ent, and is it peaceful?
  9. What is Pippin's real name?
  10. What is an elf?
  11. Who does Elijah Wood play?
  12. What is an Uruk-hai?
  13. When did the first movie come out?
  14. Who is the author of Lord of the Rings?
  15. (Two more questions, I promise)What is the gardener's last name?
  16. What is Smeagol?
  17. What is the land called? (all of it, not just regions)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Lord of the Rings?