Which Lord Of The Rings character are you?

Which character from lord of the rings are YOU? Before this quiz we could only wonder but now, simply click here and the answer is yours for the learning.

Do you qualify for the prestigious title of Frodo-like-person? What about Arwen-like-person? Or even Sauraman-like-person! You also be a Pipin-like-person or Gandalf-like-person!

Created by: Nerd

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  1. If you could be any creature what would you be?
  2. Are you ashamed for things you have done in the past?
  3. do you have trouble making up your mind?
  4. who said : "...Those who not own swords can still be killed by them..."
  5. How would you feel if someone called you prodigious?
  6. if you were offered these jobs which one would you take? They pay the same as they do in real life.
  7. Which place in middle-earth is the nicest in your opinion?
  8. what kind of music do you like?
  9. true, false, you dislike true false questions?
  10. Which of these sounds more like something you would say?
  11. Do you enjoy life?
  12. what do you want from the future?
  13. Who is your LEAST favourite character in the books/movies?

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Quiz topic: Which Lord Of The Rings character am I?