How Well Do You Know LdShadowlady?

THIS QUIZ WILL DETERMINE HOW WELL YOU KNOW LDSHADOWLADY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hope you get this alllllllllllllllllllllllll right:}}}}}}}}}}}]]]]]]]]

WHO IS LDSHADOWLADY YOU ASK? SHE IS A BIG MINECRAFT GAMER WHO ALSO PLAYS SIMS 4 akinator fnaf if you love ldshadowlady like me you should know all this

Created by: popcorn

  1. What is ldshadowladys cats name
  2. what is ldshadowladys boyfriends minecraft name
  3. What color does ldshadowlady hate
  4. how many episodes did ldshadowlady make of crazycraft
  5. Is ldshadowlady married
  6. what hat was ldshadowlady wearing during the "war" in crazy craft
  7. One final question.Which side was ldshadowlady on for the "war" in crazycraft
  8. Is ldshadowlady british
  9. whats ldshadowladys real name
  10. what does ldshadowladys famiy call her

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know LdShadowlady?