How well do you know Krystal??

This quiz is for those who think they may know me. Answer some questions about me. the questions can be about current events or past things only few that are close ennough may know. its up to you to see how well you actually know me.

Find out how well you know me with these questions. Lets see if you are as close to me as you think, f not there is always time to get to know me better, whether your an old or new friend.

Created by: krystal

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  1. Where is Krystal originally from?
  2. What is Krystal's favorite ice cream?
  3. How many siblings does krystal have?
  4. What kind of pet do I have?
  5. What is krystal's favorite cookie since she was a little girl?
  6. Who is krystal dating?
  7. Where did Krystal spend most of last summer?
  8. What is Krystal majoring in at school?
  9. What school does Krystal go to?
  10. What's one of Krystal's favorite things to say?
  11. Where does krystal work?
  12. Krystal has lots of...?
  13. This year krystal has fallen inlove with...?
  14. what is krystal's favorite color?
  15. How tall is Krystal?
  16. What is Krystal"s cocktail of choice?
  17. What is krystal's pet's name?
  18. What is Dave's silly pet name for Krystal?
  19. What does krystal want to do after she graduates?
  20. Who was the surprise for new years at krystal's place?
  21. What does Krystal want to do withher degree?
  22. What scares Krystal out of her mind?
  23. how old is Krystal?
  24. What piercing does Krystal have onher face?
  25. What is one of krystal's favorite badns?
  26. When Krystal got arrested what was the reason?
  27. What was Krystal's favorite Lakewood bar?
  28. What instrument does krystal own and will play?
  29. What is krystal's nationalities?
  30. What name did Krystal's mom go by?
  31. Who do I miss the most?
  32. How many kids does Krystal's sister have?
  33. What can krystal never have enough of?
  34. What tattoo does Krystal have?
  35. How do you spell krystal's last name?
  36. What does Krystal love to buy?
  37. What are at least 2 of krystal's favorrite clothing stores?
  38. who does krystal love "oh so much?"
  39. What does Krystal say to her sister all the time?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Krystal??