How well do you know Krystal

Do you know Krystal as well as you should? Take this quiz and find out learn everything about her become her friend and retake this quiz once you think you know everything about her!!!!!!!!!

Do you know Krystal as well as you think you do????? Take a few minutes and do this quiz and you'll find out how much you REALLY know Krystal!!!!

Created by: Krystal

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How old do you think Krystal is?
  2. Does Krystsl have any pets?
  3. Does Krystal have any brothers or sisters?
  4. Where did Krystal go to elementary school?
  5. What's Krystal's fav colour?
  6. If Krystal has or had a pet what is or would be the name?
  7. What's Krystal's last name?
  8. How would you discribe Krystal?
  9. What is Krystal the worst in at school?
  10. When is Krystal's birthday?
  11. What is Krystal's fav subject at school?
  12. Krystal is:
  13. Krystal is really shy but she is:
  14. What sport does Krystal do?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Krystal