how well do you know ke$ha

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there are alot of smart people but are you one of them do you know all about Kesha start the quiz and figure out. maybe you are maybe you arn't so start the dang quiz now!

in just a few seconds you will click that button and start the quiz so go ahead already go and take the quiz that what its here for so go! hello im waitin

Created by: carol

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  1. what is Kesha's fave food
  2. whats kesha's moms name
  3. how old is kesha
  4. what was kesha's original hair color
  5. what is kesha's full name
  6. What does kesha LOVE
  7. who has kesha been seen flirting with lately!
  8. what does Kesha often Put on her face
  9. does Kesha have any pets
  10. who does Kesha hate right now!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know ke$ha