How Well Do You Know Kanga Pt2

There are many people that 'think' that they know Gooshoos. To truly test this, you must know about Kanga! One of the most famous Gooshoos ever!!!!!!!

Do YOU know Gooshoos? Do you gave the knowledge that is required to be a Gooshoo champ? Take this quiz and find out! It is only a matter of a few questions that will describe you Gooshoo fate.

Created by: doodle

  1. Who are Kanga's twin sisters?
  2. Who is Kanga's nephew?
  3. Who is Kanga's mother?
  4. How many toes are on Kanga's right foot?
  5. Who shares the same eyes as Kanga?
  6. What food does Kanga love?
  7. What year was Kanga born in?
  8. Does Kanga have any cousins?
  9. What part of Kanga is lighter than the rest?
  10. Kanga often mistakes what for an egg?
  11. What is the color of the ball that Kanga loves?
  12. What is the name of Kanga's beloved ball?
  13. Complete the following- _____ take my __________
  14. How much does Kanga weigh?
  15. Complete the following- Mummy Babba ______
  16. Kanga usually gets bullied by
  17. When does Kanga usually have baths?
  18. What letter does Kanga's pouch resemble?
  19. What does one of Kanga's joeys specialize in?
  20. And finally- _____ shnoongie

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