How well do you know justin B. :D

Genius are people who know quite a lot about subjects and etc.. Take my quiz to see if you know a lot or a little about Justin Bieber:). This quiz is not hard but it depends if you think its hard its going to be hard:)

Are you a genius? Well come and take my quiz and see if you know a lot about Justin Bieber:) And hope that you will get a really good score So do you have the Brainpower??

Created by: jackie

  1. What are justins nicknames?
  2. What is justins favorite color?
  3. When was justin born?
  4. Does justin have a pet and if he does what is its name?
  5. What is justins full name?
  6. What is justins best friends name?
  7. Who was justin discovered by?
  8. What insturments does justin play?
  9. What type of Genre does justin play?
  10. What are justins favorite drinks?
  11. What is justins moms name?
  12. What are justins discs name?
  13. True or False: justin was in the show CSI?
  14. Is justin Left-handed?
  15. Where can you follow justin at?
  16. Final question: what is best about justin Bieber

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Quiz topic: How well do I know justin B. :D