How Well Do You Know Johnny??

Well this quiz is simply to test your knowledge on how well you know me so take it and find out!! if you think you know me well prove it!! go on do the test, stop reading this and do it!!!

So you think you know me well do you!! well take this test and prove it unless your chicken that is. bucuk bucuk bucuk chicken chicken. god have i been drinking ?? wel anyway do the god damn test already would you...

Created by: Jonathan M Berry

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  1. What is my full real name?
  2. What is my date of birth?
  3. What is my daughters name?
  4. What is my daughters date of birth?
  5. Where was i born?
  6. What pub did i live in before i moved to newbury??
  7. What football team do i support??
  8. What football team do i hate with a passion??
  9. What happened on my last night out in england (reading) outside the kebab shop??
  10. ok last one so i'll make it a gooden... How many people had i slept with before i moved to ireland?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Johnny??