How well do you know JB

Take this Quiz to see if you really know JB this quiz have questions most people will know but if you dont keep learning I love JB!! dont you if you do take this quiz

Do you know JB if you THINK you do take this quiz and i'll tell you how well i think you know him! DO you think you can be the ultimate Belieber? In about 2 minutes you'll know

Created by: Zebra

  1. When is his b-day
  2. Whats his favorite color
  3. what is his dads name
  4. Do you think JB is cute
  5. What was his first single
  6. What shoes does JB think are ugly
  7. Who is his celebrity crush
  8. Is JB marrying Selena
  9. what are his favorite sports
  10. Are his 'rents divorced

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Quiz topic: How well do I know JB