Which Angry Bird Are you?

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This quiz (Which Angry Bird are you?) is about which Angry Bird you will be (off course...). There are nine questions, and after them, you will see your result!

DE result of this quiz are: Red (the red bird), Chuck (the yellow bird), Bomb (the black bird), Matilda (the white bird), The Blues (the blue birds), Ha; (the green bird), Terence (the dark-red bird), Bubbles (the orange bird), Stella (the pink bird) and Silver (the silver bird). Which one will you be?

Created by: Gergoli

  1. What is your favorite colour?
  2. What will be your superpower as an Angry Bird?
  3. Which bird do you like the most?
  4. Are you a male or a female?
  5. Are you small or large?
  6. Are you weak or strong?
  7. Which property describes you best?
  8. Which bird would be your best friend?
  9. Which property describes you best?
  10. In which age category are you?

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Quiz topic: Which Angry Bird am I?