how well do you know icp?

Hi my name is ***** well i actually dont wanna tell you my name but im sure you allready no it. today was a boring day in the sweet life of ***** and i had nothing to do. so i got to my computer and decided to make this quiz..

this quiz is for all the people who thinks they are juggalo's and for people who arent and just wamma be if you think you are juggalo then you should take this quiz..then well find out how juggalo you really are!!haha

Created by: vince
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  1. what does icp stand for?
  2. wich one is a member of icp?
  3. what record label is icp under?
  4. what city did icp grow up in?
  5. what is another members name?
  6. wich one is not one of icp albums?
  7. what are the 2 primary colors icp paints there faces?
  8. what is the icp logo?
  9. how many icp members are ther
  10. wich group or artist has icp not done a song with?
  11. what artist does icp have beef with?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know icp?