How well do you know icarly?

hellos. i really just wanna to skiip this paragraph but i just cant!!! so since your lucky enough too do this, go ahead and skip this paragraph!

my fav color is blue fav food is pizza and icecream fav drink is rootbeer fav subject is english fav sport is volleyball fav day is thursday ( i guess ) and i HATE pie!

Created by: D3signnFreAkk

  1. In the episode iparty with Victorious, Carly's boyfriend Steven says "...its beautiful, just like you..." , what did he give her?
  2. What is Steven's last name?
  3. What color is Carly's couch?
  4. Which is one of the icarly penny t's?
  5. What color is Carly's front door to her house?
  6. what is sam's last name?
  7. Carly's favorite color?
  8. Sams eyes?
  9. how many days do you watch icarly at least ONCE a day in a week?
  10. Byee :)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know icarly?