how well do you know horses

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Horse lovers must unite, but first you have the know the starters. The horse club will be made of people all around the world,caring, loving and helping horses in the world.

To do this you have to know all about horses. Even some mythical being are in this quiz. Are You a horse know-it-all. Take this quiz to find out . So, let's get into it.

Created by: horse101

  1. What is the triangle in a horses hoof
  2. What is the piece of metal that go's in the horses mouth
  3. What colour make a bay
  4. Where does the bridle go on a horse
  5. What size is classified a pony
  6. How many types of Chestnut are there
  7. Is it good for a horse to have colic
  8. What is a pegasus
  9. What is a unicorn
  10. What is an alicorn

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Quiz topic: How well do I know horses