How well do you know homestuck?

I dnot know what these are for, but this is a fun quiz for people who don't know what Homestuck is and people that do you know what Homestuck is and it's just nice to know if you you know what it is.

This is a quiz to test how much you know about Homestuck, I am kind of sort of new to the fandom so please don't hate me. Meow :3 Honk honk and do the windy thing.

Created by: Max

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  1. Gamzee?!?
  2. Wwho Talks like that?(the double Ww)
  3. Who's mom is a alcoholic?
  4. What dose Terezi make?
  5. Wich two people like Nicolas Cage?
  6. This is harder then I thought it would be to make a quiz let fate decide.
  7. These won't effect your score
  8. This is taking forever I've been working on it for an hour. ( this won't effect you score)
  9. Napata types how?
  10. You can't Fight the homestuck, what is it?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know homestuck?