Lalonde or St. Croix?

Rose Lalonde of Homestuck and Monet St. Croix of the X-Men are women with wildly different backstories and media presentation, but shockingly similar personalities and speech patterns. See if you can guess which one of these two snarky comic lesbians said the following quotes!

Don't worry, even if you get it wrong, you're probably right. Homestuck is very long, and the X-Men have been around since the dawn of time. There's no way for us to be certain they HAVEN'T both said these things.

Created by: Anya
  1. I'd like to think I was being ironic at best - sardonic at the least. But yes, you get the idea.
  2. Oh, I see. So instead of having to double explain, I merely have to put up with being double spied upon. What a relief!
  3. Perhaps its the deplorable romantic in me, but I thought your present, and your friendship, demanded reciprocation surpassing by some degree the utterly meaningless.
  4. I don't hate everybody. I think I'm better than everybody. It's completely different.
  5. What, "can't"? Go ahead. Tell me I can't. It will be funny. I will laugh, like this: ha ha.
  6. Jokes? Are those the things people say when they want unusual noises to come out of the pliable crescent shaped holes often found in peoples faces?
  7. Would you believe me if I said i just came back from the dead?
  8. I said I wanted your head, and now I have it. The inside.
  9. It's an odd feeling. Being insufferably smug suits me far better, I think.
  10. It must be comforting to have your ASPD tacitly supported by predestination.
  11. Since that is a reasonably indisputable point: if I just agree with you, will that shut you up?
  12. I guess you're right. No reason to make an effort to empathize if doing so comes at the price of oblivion.
  13. I have a sense that your definition of "participate" in this instance means that everyone is obliged to find your ceaseless, adolescent babbling to be entertaining, if not positively illuminating.
  14. You have a deep streak of cruelty. I'm starting to think we could be friends after all.
  15. I these poor fools are getting trounced, do they still appreciate your everyman wit? Or are they more enamored by my sheer awesomeness?

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