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  • Ah, and you need to brush up on your Harry Potter trivia/knowledge. I only know what I know from watching the movies, and reading the first 3 books. The original title of the first movie..was the "Philosophers Stone". Look it up. When the movie came to the states, it was then called the "Sorcerers Stone".

    However, whoever made this quiz needs to check their knowledge as well. The maker asked twice who the DADA teacher was in the second movie. One, outright, then the next asking who the professor was. I should of gotten a 100 percent on this quiz, but..apparently the maker didn't know some of the answers so just guessed.

    Like, Sirius Black didn't name the hipogriff..Hagrid did. Buckbeak was Hagrid's pet before Sirius ever came in contact with it.

    I don't recall any professor stating that the Chamber wasn't real. When Hermione asked, Magonigal (yes, I probably spelled it wrong), said that the castle had been searched and the chamber was never found.."No such chamber exists", she didn't say it wasn't real..I don't think.

    On asking how the Basilisk dies..there was no right answer..but, I can't remember what it said in the books. In the movies, Harry stabbed him in the roof of the mouth which then went through and stabbed the basilisk in the brain. That's how it died.

    Brush up on your HP kiddies. I don't know it all, but, I am confident on what I do know unless the books contradict the movie (which, is known to happen), but, I remember the movies more than I remember the books.

  • Okay, so maybe got a few things a little wrong, like the thing about Sirius naming buckbeak when it was hagrid, and i did get a little confuzed on the one where you was like who was the DADA teacher in his second year, and none appeared to be the right answer.... but EmpressPheonix^^^ and Softball_lover4^^^ okay its you guys that need to brush up on your HP cos watching the movies doesnt count as knowing everything about it, alot of the stuff you say you havent heard about is actually in the book so MAYBE if you bothered to read it, then youd have got 100% like I did. BOOYAKASHA!

  • EmpressPhoenix,You also messed up. It was BINNS who talked about the Chamber of secrets not existing. The original UK name of the first book was The Philosophers Stone. And the Basilisk dies at the crow of a rooster.

  • ok, the name of the second movie is Harry Potter and the SORCERER'S stone not the philosipher's stone. Maby you should watch the movie a couple times before you make any more more Harry Potter quizes.

  • HEY I GOT A QUESTION. What test should i take if im bored?


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