How well do you know halo 3...just take this quiz

THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT THINK they know a lot about halo. well ill tell you that you dont unless you pass this quiz and really this quiz is easy so just pass it ok and also i am not responsible for your anger and i do not except complaints orr anything like that

SO PASS THIS QUIZ OR I WILL SHOOT you IT IS REALLY EASY SO JUST DO THIS PLEASE so just sit back and take this quiz because if you dont i will shank you in the back and you wil not live to see the very amazing day the very fabulous day when halo wars comes out. I ALSO WOULD LIKE TO THANK BUNGIE FOR BE AUSOME

Created by: hodgepodge

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  1. Who is the spartan you play as through out halo 3
  2. What is master chiefs spartan number
  3. what is a weapon that is nicknamed BR and can do some what long range
  4. Alright heres a tuff one, whats miranda keys dads rank
  5. ummmm, alright got it, whats my moms name? oh wait thats not a good one haw bout this, what is master cheifs rank
  6. what is the oracles name
  7. who did i do
  8. o kay the last one wasnt bout halo 3 but this one is, what is the new defalt weapon in halo 3
  9. who is the best at halo 3
  10. True or False: the spartan laser pwns nubes

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Quiz topic: How well do I know halo 3...just take this quiz