How well do you know Goosebumps (classic)?

Hello everyone ! This is a quiz to see how big of a Goosebumps classic expert you are! So go on andtake the quiz and find out! I'm warning you the questions are really hard unless you're an expert!

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Created by: Doraemon

  1. Ok, if you're a real fan of Goosebumps, you'll find this one easy. In which book is the main character's name Skipper Matthews?
  2. What's Andy's real name?
  3. What are the gnomes named in Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes?
  4. Which of these books does NOT have a bad ending?
  5. What does Zack gift Max on his birthday in Let's Get Invisible! ?
  6. What does Trina's dad name Slappy in Night of the Living Dummy 3?
  7. How old does Mr Andretti say Gary is in Why I'm Afraid of Bees?
  8. What was Sam's first wish in Be Careful What You Wish For...?
  9. Who turns out to be a ghost in The Curse of Camp Cold Lake?
  10. What's Cooper's older brother's name and how old is he? (Not gonna say which book)
  11. Last question. What is the night watchman's name in The Headless Ghost?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Goosebumps (classic)?