How well do you know Girls Generation?

The Hallyu wave shook us like crazy didn't it? K-dramas to K-pop all have replaced the good old Twilight and melancholy tunes. But to create a wave we need water and we need pressure. The water is the BEST OF ALL GIRLS GENERATION and the pressure? US THE FANS :)

So take this quiz and get to know how well YOU know possibly THE BEST K-pop girl group on the scene. For instance, did you know Jessica is allergic to cucumber (I cried so much when she left :'() Or that Soo Young is the biggest foodie of the group? Just test you SONEness in this quiz! Unleash you GG love

Created by: Moumita Sen
  1. Which Girls Generation member has a tongue piercing? (hehe :))
  2. Which Girls Generation member once wanted to be a Math teacher? (WHY???)
  3. Which Girls Generation member has a phobia of fireworks?
  4. Which Girls Generation member is ambidextrous? (Can write with both hands:D)
  5. Who is considered Girls' Generation's biggest prankster?
  6. What is the official Girls's Generation glow-stick color? (THIS ONE IS SOOO EASY :D)
  7. Who are the tallest and shortest members respectively of Girls Generation?
  8. Which Girls Generation member loves Sweet Potatoes more than men? (lol xD)
  9. What was the first single released by Girls Generation?
  10. Who is known as the OST Queen of Girls Generation?
  11. How much do you love Girls Generation? (S

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Girls Generation?