How well do you know geography?

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Geography: Earth, mountains, rivers, cities and continents - what do you know about them? Test you knowledge, and you just might learn something new! .

These are mostly simple things, that at least i remember learning at school - but can you still remember them? Someone with general education and good memory, or interest in subject probably can easily answer these questions!

Created by: Yellowkiwi

  1. Hanoi is capital of...
  2. Sendai, Osaka and Sapporo are cities of..
  3. Largest ocean is...
  4. Richest country is called..
  5. Second highest mountain is..
  6. Mean temperature of earth is...
  7. Which continent has the most countries?
  8. Longest river is called..
  9. Most spoken language is..
  10. Biggest Island is..
  11. Saint Petersburg is city in..

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Quiz topic: How well do I know geography?