How well do you know gaara

If you wanna know if you truly are a gaara fan or just like quizzes then take this quiz to support me and stuff so take it and have fun k guys, don't forget to try your best

Do you like gaara well then take the quiz to truly found out with some questions to truly test if you are one of his fans have fun and don't forget to support me

Created by: Alex

  1. Why does gaaras dad hate gaara
  2. What is gaaras purpose before he met naruto
  3. What jutsu does gaara poses that can change the terrain
  4. How did gaara die
  5. Why did gaara die
  6. What land is Gaara from
  7. What village is he from
  8. How long does it take for gaara to become a genin
  9. What's the demon inside gaara called
  10. Why does gaara become good

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Quiz topic: How well do I know gaara