how well do you know frozen the movie

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this quiz is about Frozen the movie it is to test you on how well you really know frozen.If you only know a small amount about frozen this quiz is not for you.

Are you a Frozen maniac? have you seen the movie so many times you can't count? this is the quiz for you. in just a few minuets you find out how well you REALLY know frozen!

Created by: poppy

  1. did anna find "the one" at the ball?
  2. what is the last line just before the song let it go?
  3. how old is Elsa when she sings let it go?
  4. how much money did the voice actor of little anna make?
  5. when did frozen come out?
  6. what is elsa's natural hair colour?
  7. how many birds are in the trailer ?
  8. what does olaf do in the trailer that he doesn't do in the movie?
  9. were is the movie set?
  10. hi I'm Olaf and I like___________ _______________

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Quiz topic: How well do I know frozen the movie