Frozen Memory Quiz

Frozen is quite confusing but very, very, goofy!! Have you watched it yet? Its amazing! You need to watch it now!! Like right now or else this is just something boring to try!

Are you a professional Frozen the movie expert? Do you have all the answers to these simple yet weird questions? Find out now with the curiosity you brought with!

Created by: Ashtyn

  1. Elsa accidently does what at her coronation?
  2. What happens to Kristoff's sled after being chased by wolves?
  3. What happened to Anna and Elsa's parents?
  4. How many brothers does Hans have in his family?
  5. Where did Elsa build her ice castle?
  6. What is Kristoff's reindeer called?
  7. Anna does what to make Elsa mad at her coronation?
  8. Anna goes where to get some snow equipment?
  9. What are Kristoff's friends?
  10. What is Hans really in the kingdom for?

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